I'm always up to something. I enjoy the quiet solitude of writing my own stuff and doing my own thing. But I also thrive on the energy of collaborations and discovering what the "we" can come up with that the "I" wouldn't have thought of.  

Full disclosure, I get sh*t done. Ideas are great, but making them HAPPEN is I guess what you'd call my "creative process." The artists I've come to work with are not only visionaries – they're creators.

Shout out to Alonzo LaMont, Jason Tinney, Stevie Ray Dallimore, Peggy Douglas, Christopher Smith and more doers and shakers!



FAT MAN.jpeg
Writer | DOA

A reimagining of the classic, "Dead On Arrival." This is Mars Theatre On The Air, brought to you by Back Alley Productions. 

Listen and follow on Spotify. Episodes 1 & 2 out now...tune into episode 3 soon!

Executive Producer | Trivium

A place where three roads meet. Written and directed by Stevie Ray Dallimore, Trivium is a film about the ways people intersect, unnoticed, but moved by each other's actions. 

World premiere on July 11, 2020!

Trivium 2...coming in 2021!

Production Team Member | Muse of Fire Project

The Muse of Fire Project is a nonprofit organization where mentors guide aspiring playwrights to write original plays. The twist? Kids write; adults act. Inspired by the 52nd Street Project in NYC, Muse of Fire bridges communities in Chattanooga through new, inspiring playmaking.


Very cool, right! The Muse of Fire is a nonprofit organization providing education in the arts so we are always accepting donations. Click here if you'd like to help build future generations of storytellers!   

Essayist | Book In Progress

As an artist and playwright, I adhere to lots of superstitions. One is to not say too much about writing projects in progress. I'm currently at 80 pages on my first book-length publication. It's coming along word by word, essay by essay.

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