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I'm always up to something. I enjoy the quiet solitude of writing my own stuff and doing my own thing. But I also thrive on the energy of collaborations and discovering what the we can come up with that the I wouldn't have imagined.  

Full disclosure, I get sh*t done. Ideas are great... but making them HAPPEN is I guess what you'd call my "creative process." The artists I've come to work with are not only visionaries – they are creators.

Shout out to Alonzo LaMont, Jason Tinney, Stevie Ray Dallimore, and more doers and shakers!

Holly Morse-Ellington

Literary & Performing Arts

50 Miles Away Film + Play + Live Music

Next Exit Productions

Next Exit Productions is a nonprofit organization created to enhance our community through the performing arts. We are committed to cultural and generational inclusivity to empower today’s audiences and beyond with greater awareness and connectivity across a multitude of voices and perspectives. Our debut production, 50 Miles Away, represented what we're all about ~ new works, well done. 

Alonzo Smiling.jpg
Narrator | Grace. In two voices

Written by Alonzo LaMont, "Grace. In two voices" is an online exhibition that combines poetic and visual storytelling. In this piece, Alonzo gives us a grace that's three-dimensional. 

Voiceovers: Alonzo LaMont & Holly Morse-Ellington

Video Editing: Julia Golonka

FAT MAN.jpeg
Writer | DOA

A reimagining of the classic, "Dead On Arrival." This is Mars Theatre On The Air, brought to you by Back Alley Productions. 

Listen and follow on Spotify. Episodes 1 & 2 out now...tune into episode 3 soon!

Assistant Director | Trivium Trilogy

A place where three roads meet. Written and directed by Stevie Ray Dallimore, Trivium is a film about the ways people intersect, unnoticed, but moved by each other's actions. 

World premiere on July 11, 2020!

Trivium III...coming in 2023!

Director | Muse of Fire Project & Schools

The Muse of Fire Project is a nonprofit organization where mentors guide aspiring playwrights to write original plays. The twist? Kids write; adults act. Inspired by the 52nd Street Project in NYC, Muse of Fire bridges communities in Chattanooga through new, inspiring playmaking.


Author | Book In Progress

As an artist and playwright, I adhere to lots of superstitions. One is to not say too much about writing projects in progress. I'm currently at 150 pages on my first book-length publication. It's coming along word by word.

Actor | Stage & Film (even "exam" rooms)

Whether in a play or short film, I'm passionate about bringing a character to life. I'm also a simulated patient actor for graduate students becoming nurse practitioners  it's a rewarding way to use my art to help nurses prepare for real patients.

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